Reddit ReLink

Invite Reddit ReLink to your server!


Reddit ReLink is a Discord bot that relinks Subreddit ‘links’ users have sent.

Reddit ReLink currently relinks subreddits (r/SUBREDDIT) and users (u/USER).

Mention the bot for some basic info and a link back to here.

To globally opt out of ReLink, use @Reddit ReLink#1038 optout

You can opt back in with @Reddit ReLink#1038 optin

Every message the bot sends automatically deletes after 30 seconds.

If you want to delete the message sooner, just click the ❌ reaction.

If you want to keep the message, just react with 📌, and the bot won’t delete it.

For example:


Libraries - Docs GitHub Discord Server
aiohttp - Docs GitHub
PyYAML - Docs GitHub


I would rather you just invite Reddit ReLink to your server, but if you really want to host it yourself, here are the instructions:

You must install Python and these libraries to run the bot.

Install Python 3.7+

Install the following libraries with PyPI (pip) OR install from requirements.txt:

Next, clone the repository.

Create and fill in a config.yml file with the required items.


# In a file called config.yml:
discord_token: "DISCORD-TOKEN-HERE"



Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.